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Specialized Commercial & Home Skylights


The Skylights Company specializes in manufacturing commercial and home skylights that reduce energy costs and brighten the environment with plenty of natural light. Allow our San Antonio, Texas-based experts give you some ideas of how to enhance your home's appeal with our tailor-made skylights.

We design and fabricate several styles of skylights for flat or pitched roofs, including:        

• Impact-Approved Skylights and Units
• Plastic-Glazed Skylights
• Fall Protection Skylights
• Architectural Skylights
• Smoke Vent Skylights
• Dome-Unit Skylights

Design Features

We have incorporated the best features in our commercial and home skylights. Some of the features offered include hurricane-resistant glass, motorized venting systems, temperature controls, and rain sensors, which automatically close the skylight if it begins to rain. Furthermore, our skylights are especially effective when it comes eliminating heat transfer and making the most of passive solar heating.

Contact us to help reduce your energy consumption with new home skylights for your residence.